1. In order to start the onboarding process with Agoda, please find attached our Terms and Conditions (at the end of the page under: AGODA Homes GTC) for your reference and kindly provide your Company Information in the below link:



Here’s our working structure for your information:


Commission and Rate

  • We usually work on Sell Inclusive rates (property rate + taxes + commission), once collected the payment from customer we will deduct the commission and transfer the Net Inclusive rate (property rate + taxes) to the partner
  • Commission vary across different countries, we will be happy to share the commission levels for the countries you operate in


Payout Method 

  • Virtual Credit Card (Preferred)
    Agoda will charge the customer and remit the payment to you through a unique Agoda credit card number (Unique Payment Card, UPC) which you can find on our extranet and via channel manager system. The payment can be fully settled upon check-out.


  • Bank Transfer & Paypal
     For both methods, you would need to set up the payout account for each property individually. Agoda typically releases the payout about 1-3 days after the guest’s check-out and you would need to manually approve the payouts or set up auto-pay from our extranet. For your first reservation, we may hold your payouts for 30 days after the guest’s departure. 



Next Steps:

  • Fill out your Company Information in the above link
  • Review Agoda’s Terms and Conditions and agree on the Commercial Details (commission/payout method).
  • Once you’re comfortable to proceed, we will provide you with the ChainCode that you may use to create the properties via MyRent
  • At this stage, we will work with MyRent to push your profiles on Agoda.

2. Once you replied to the mail, you will receive an mail with CHAIN CODE. Chain code is like your customer ID which myRent need to connect to AGODA. Next step is to sign a contract which you sign online in myRent under B2B connections - AGODA.

IMPORTANT: Once you sign the contract please go into AGODA logs to check if the data went correctly. There should not be any ERR - Error. You can find AGODA log in myRent under B2B CONNECTIONS - AGODA. 

Then it will take you to a log window and there message should be ok like on the example below:

Once all that has been done, then contact myRent team under, davor@myrent.hr to arrange a metting for property sync. Davor will check the content details andmake the snyc.

3. Your next  step would be to open an account in AGODA, their EXTRANET.  You can find a short cut for Agoda EXTRANET in myRent under B2B connection - AGODA. In AGODA you need to just open an account and fill out your company details. All property details will be later on sync.

or use this link: ycs.agoda.com 

Please find a link with AGODA requirements:


  1. to complete your host profile and accept the Terms and Conditio4. You need to map properties and send rates & availability to Agoda via M