Here you need to add your Cancellation policy and Payment terms.

IMPORTANT: This part you fill out ONLY IF you are working with portals where you are in charge of payments (Holidu, VRBO, HomeToGo).

You will policy under: Prices-Policy

Cancellation policy - has to be the same as added in B2B VRBO and Holidu. HomeToGo does not have pre-defined cancellation policy. Once added in myRent will apply to HomeToGo group automatically.

Please find an example below. 

This is just an exampe and this cancellation policy is in line with cancellation policy of VRBO and it is called Moderate:

Payment terms - as you will be in charge of payments you need to add when and how much you will charge the clients.

You are property manager and you decide how you will charge the guest (Credit card/bank transfer). This is just to show guest payments terms.