Connection between myRent and RevNGo id two way connection.

Through myRent you can synchronize:

1. Prices

2. Reservation

3. Calendar availability

For you to be published on RevNGo you need to first create an account with the listings. Once the you have upload the listings with pictures, description and all other details then we can connect your RevNGo account with your myRent account.

First steps to under Price and Capacity-Channel manager you request a connection to myRent:

Once you do that you will receive an email from RevNGo that the request has been sent.

Then you will recieve an emial where all ID's are avaibel to copy/paste in myRent.

This is an example of it:

Or you can find it  in your extranet under channel manager you will find needed ID's:

1. RevNGo ID

2. Room type ID

3. Calendar ID

You have copy/paste ID's and put it in your myRent account. Make sure that you copy the correct rate and calendar for each property!

Add RevNGo under for each property:

Choose RevNGo:

Click on ON - Details:

And add three ID's

Once you added ID's, just save the window with data. RevNGo team needs to finalize the connection. Once RevNGo team has finalized their part of work you will receive an email from RevNGo (example below):

Once you receive the e-mail then you need to sync the data. 

IMPORTANT: Make sure, before you sync the data (prices, availability)  that you control if the prices are correct in RevNGo extranet. Connection is based on INSTANT BOKKING!

To sync the data you need to click on RevNGo-ON

To make sure that everything went good, you need to check if the data went through. You can check it in Main Settings-B2B Connections


Find RevNGO under Other Connections:

Click on LOGO, it will open new window, refresh the page and then you need to have 2 GREEN OK:


Scroll down and then you will find:


Once you checked it, please delete the logs to have an empty page. I that way you need to repeat the steps for each listings!

Summary: you need to make the same steps for each property!

1. log into admin

2. under Price & Capacity

3. Add myRent

4. Copy ID's

5. Paste the in myRent B2B connections

6. Waiting for the confirmation mail from RevNGo

7. Push sync price&calendar in myRent

8. Check Status under B2B connection-RevNgo

If you have any questions, contact myRent team (Matej & Davor) for support