Payment experience is a new service from HomeToGo group. It will allow HomeToGo to collect payments direct from the guest.

The Partner agrees to a Check-in date +1 settlement frequency. The settlement frequency may be adjusted from time to time, e.g. to reflect changes in cancellation or charge back rates.  and after the check-in + 1 day, HomeToGo will send you money deducted from their commission.

What are the benefits:

1. HomeToGo takes care of the payments

2. You receive the money directly to your account 

3. Better visibility

4. Safe and easy methods payments

5. Higher booking conversion

Once you have applied for HomeToGo (link you can find under general information) you need to click on YES for payment process. After you will receive an email where you will need to upload documents:

You can open the link and fallow the instructions of the link. You will need to upload fallowing data:

1. Passport od ID card which confirms that you are owner of the company.

2. Bank statement - which confirms that this IBAN number is the correct one and used for recieving payments which is used by your company.

Example of Bank statement (something like this needs to be sent to H2G):

Once you uploaded all document HomeToGo will send your application to thier payment provider for authorization.

Once you request has been autohorused you will recieve an email from HomeToGo Onboarding team (below is an example) which confirms it:

Should you have any further questions about HomeToGo Payment or any other topic, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at