Connection between myRent and VRBO is content based. It means that different kind of description is required.

Better quality of the adverb better visibility!

You can find description under:


in myRent you need to fill out:

Property name - MINIMUM 25 znakova

Motto - in one sentence explain why is your property special

Main description - MINIMUM 600 letters. Here explain in general details your property

Short description - here you just copy first two sentences from "main description"

Free time - here explain what can guest do in their free time. For example, rent a bike, go for a stroll, visit some winery...

Landlord - here you can present your self as a landlord or agency, who you are, how long are you on market etc...

Environment - here describe where the property is located (it is located along the main promenade,over looking the main street..surrounded by gardens etc....)

Area - here describe the area, for example, if you are in Istria then few words about it

Service - here explain if you are agency your service hours, if you are property owner, when can the reach you etc