AGODA is part of group. Till recently they started uploading their own listings and not just taking it over from its bigger brother

AGODA it is one of the biggest growing OTA's and they are known for their travers book their vacation way in advance and reservation can be long one. Their are not just focused on short term.


AGODA works on the 15% commission.


AGODA offers different payment modules:

1. Virtual card is for all PMS who have payment gateway  and it works on the similar way as - which means that with the reservation you will receive credit card details which you can charge. If you do not receives it with reservation in myRent then credit card detail you can find in the AGODA Extranet.

2. Bank Transfer & PayPal 

Here is important that you need to set up your payout account for each property (one by one). There is no other way and you have to do it in AGODA extranet under:


Payment account


If you have Bank transfer & PayPal, for the first payout for first reservation, payout is made only after 30 days! It is for security reason. Next payout will be made in 1-3 working days.

*For each property you have set up automatic payment: SET UP AUTOPAY or do it manual after each reservation. Set up autopay you have to do it for all properties manual.

Contant details of AGODA team:

Once you are live, you need to contact customer support on mail: 

Or you can reach it by phone: 

Agoda Hotline: 0044 203 564 7948 

Canceling the reservation

You can not cancel the reservation in myRent. You need to send an e-mail with the explanation why you need to cancel the reservation.

E-mail for contacting AGODA is: 

General information about AGODA: