Here you can find error and solutions, how to set up myRent correctly for VRBO

When you log into your VRBO extranet. You can find listig which are complete (active) and listing which are Incomplete.

And under Incomplete you will find the errors. For example here you can find that the address is missing, or rates (prices) or description. That means that in myRent data is missing. Try to add all data and ALLOW IT 24 hours to update

VRBO will everyday send you emails with errors. You will find an excell document and in ide you will find property and some message which explains the problems. There are some of the problems:

Error: mage download

5XX error on image download url=


Please check if you see picture in chrome. 

If you still revice this error 

<Message>An error has occurred.</Message>

SOLUTION: Please change picture in myRent

Worning: go live

You must choose a listing product type before this listing can go live


Invalid XML - The value 'LIVING_SLEEPING_COMBO ' of element 'roomSubType' is not valid.;

SOLUTION: It means that you are missing beds under room section. Number of guests has to correspond to number of beds!


ADDRESS_DOES_NOT_PASS_EXTENDED_VALIDATION - Failures for: "Reverse Geocode Postal Code"

SOLUTION: Please go to location and and add right geo location + this is important: You have to set up system geo location for this location (see picture)


Error:  entity to update 

Could not find existing entity to update /listings/external? 

SOLUTION:This error often appears on newly added listings when the Unit Availability hourly updates happen before Listing Content. It should fix itself within 24 hours.  If not, contact myRent team.