Professional Plan: where Vrbo charges Software Integrated Hosts a 12-15% commission fee (depending where your property is located) for every booking you receive through our site, with no Vrbo Traveler Service Fee (TSF). This plan removes the Vrbo Traveler Service Fee from the guest’s transaction, giving you greater control over the end-to-end price in order to maximize your performance potential. Your key account will give you more details.

The booking flow under the Professional Plan is streamlined and straight forward, where you have full control over the final price the guest pays. Upon check-out, the guest completes one payment only, which goes directly to you, for you to process. VRBO then charges the 15% commission monthly to a Credit Card that you will be required to register in your Vrbo dashboard for all the check-outs (from any of the Vrbo brands) that take place in the previous month.

Since the introduction of the new business plan, real estate booking has recorded an average increase in bookings of + 20%, while guests see fewer fees and more transparent prices.