Wspay is one of myRent partners. WSPAY provides online payment service for clients who wants to charge guests credit cards from OTA's portal or connect their WEB site with WSPAY. It will allow when guests visit their web site, in the time of reservation it will transfer guest to the payment form where guest can reserve and pay.

WSPAY - virtual pos device and creation of QR code

An application that enables the payment of credit and debit cards via 3D secure verification, Direct payment (ex. MoTo) and as an option that enables payment by QRPay as a payment method at the point of sale.

Sometimes property owners when working with specific OTA's, they will have to charge the guest. Some portal offer payment service. For example and Expedia offer "collect" service, meaning they will charge the client and after the client is gone they will transfer money to the owner. For that service portals will take certain provision.

If you don't want to use their service, OTA's will provide you via myRent credit card number which you can charge. WSPAY will provide you virtual pos device as a WSPAY APP and you will can use the credit card and charge the guest or send them the link via mail for payment.

For all myRent clients, WSPAY and myRent made a special deal to offer at special price WSPAY service.

myRent is completely connected with WSPAY and working under stricts EU standards. All credit card details are save stored at WSPAY servers. Both WSPAY and myRent are PCI standards.

All credit cards are accepted.

Price for myRent are is: 180,00 kn/yearly + 5,00 kn per each transaction + cost of the bank which is providing you possibility to charge different credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, American Express...). The price varies between 1-2% per each transaction. 

Here you find more details:

To apply for the service, at the end of the page you will find document which you should sign and sent to WSPAY. When sending the mail please put myRent team in cc:

As well use this link for starting the application: 

Your WSPay contact person is:

Ivana Pucci Kovačević:

WSPay - Web studio d.o.o.

+385 51 269 131

+385 51 329 104

+385 51 329 105