If the HomeToGo is NOT collection payments, you as property manager you are IN CHARGE of your account and of the bookings. You will need to make sure that you inform the guest that they need to pay. It depends on you and your bussines how you are taking care of payments (IBAN, online payment-payment gateway, PayPal etc...)

This is an example how the reservation comes to myRent.

With the reservation you will receive customer details: NAME AND SURNAME, ADRESS, E-MAIL AND TELEPHONE NUMBER

You need to contact the guest and send him mail with link for payment gateway (WSPAY) if you are a customer of them or send him and invoice/offer where he can make the payment.

NOTE: you need to add a e-mail template/timer in myRent so that myRent send all necessary details to the guest immediately after he made a reservation.

In that way the guest will have all details to make a payment.