You have the possibility to add special discount/promotions for special period.

In you will find them under PROMOTIONS

To add a promotion you need to go in property object-Prices-EXTRA ITEMS


It will appeAr a new window. Click on Charge type-DISCOUNT

Add currency and add percentage.

*IMPORTANT: To add a discount percentage MUST be with - SHOWED. In this case as example we made -5!

Add code (only for internal use) and Name. 

Choose a calculation type. We, as example, used "By Person by night", but you can different ones (depending what kind of promotion/discount you are making). Calculation type works also for children and Pets.

Add Auto add item and click SAVE


Visible on this location - means that it will apply only for properties on this location (as you can have more properties one one location)

Visible on all locations - means that you will apply this discount to all properties in your myRent account.

Then go to Period and add From-To period (period on which the promotion applies)

Add some Discount type for This Discount type are pre-given by Booking. 

Add Discount type and SAVE. Discount type is pre-given by

Once you are finished they click on sync

and then it should appear in