If you have already an existing profile you will need to map existing properties with new ones from myRent. You will receive a mapping link to map the properties which are already in the Vrbo account. 

If the listings  are new, then they are not in the mapping link. New listings are created through the synchronization with MyRent, post mapping. 

Lets take an example:

The link will show shows on the first page an 26 listings only that the tool managed to map automatically. If those 26 match are correct, once you approve it, you will see the remaining listings to map herself on the second page. If some match from those 26 listings are not correct, you will need to untick the box on the left side and will be able to manually do the mapping herself once she clicks on Approve : a second page will appear to map the listings the tool couldn’t match automatically. 

All existing content will be overridden by the content Valentina has in MyRent. If you want to manage the content from your Vrbo account, you need to let me know your IMPL manager asap as there are some settings before starting the synchronisation with MyRent. 

IMPORTANAT: As a reminder, only description, headlines, bedroom/bathroom counts and pictures can be managed from Vrbo if wanted. Calendars, rates, cancellation policy, terms and conditions, house rules need to be managed from MyRent.