Here are some helpful tips: 

★ It is important to remember that if you update your calendars you need to ensure you have rates provided for those dates. ★ Select all amenities in your software that your property offers and understand how these map to Vrbo. 

★ Review your listings as if you were a traveler. Remember, you have worked on providing this information and it is important to see the end result you created. 

★ You are now 100% responsible for managing the travelers’ payments directly. 

★ Do not manage your inquiries or new reservations within the Vrbo dashboard as that is not supported with your integration. Manage inquiries directly from your professional email Inbox and manage reservations within your software.

★ Exception: as mentioned, all previous reservations & payments received while you were not connected to your software have still to be managed as previously, from your Vrbo Dashboard.

If you’re new to Vrbo here’s also some handy hints on what travelers look for in properties:

★ First photo: Make sure you have the best feature of the property displayed in the first photo in your software. This is the first image travelers see when browsing their options. Remember, travelers love pools and hot tubs on vacation. 

★ Headlines: Spice them up. Try to be creative. Edit them to be more attention-grabbing. Look at reviews from past travelers to see what aspects of the property they raved about. Make sure to include ‘hot tub’ or ‘pool’ in the headline if the property has one!

★ Photo Captions: Add photo captions to your photos in your software to boast about the features of each property. People are much more likely to look through photos than read a long description. 

★ Keep an eye on competition: Go onto and search for similar size properties in similar areas > check their cleaning fee, cancellation policy, payment schedule, etc to see what you’re up against.