Under  prices you have different prices. 


1. Selling prices are concern prices in which is included: owner costs and agency provision

2. Neto Prices - 

3. B2B prices

4. Price by OTA - it will show you the price difference for each OTA. Each OTA has different privision and when you are adding selling prices you add up OTA provision on top of your selling price.

1. Selling price  

You can add price here. Choose dates, price and min stay.

It will show you standard price and you will have different way to see the price calendar:

1. Default - here it show you selling price and minimum night. In this case is set up for 5 min nights.

Green dots stand for that on that day it is allow check in/check out.

2. Price - here it will show you just the selling price and green bullets for check in/check out.

3.  Min stay - shows you min stay. In this case is set at 5 night

4. Check in/out - it shows you only days on which the check in/out is allowed. Always look at the green dots.

In this example you can see red dots which means that the check in/out is not allowed but only on one day. This feature is mainly used for expensive properties and in high season.

5. Extra - refers to the extra price for person. In this case extra price is 25.00 and number 2 stands that the basic price is set and 25.00 will apply for the extra person in this case third person (as standard price is set for 2 person). 

If you click back to DEFAULT - it will show you this extra person:

6. Special - if you have a gap between 2 reservations and you want to fill up the gap you can put here a special price and it will apply for the OTA's.

If you click back on DEFAULT you will see this special price:

You can add special price here below the calendar:

7. Stock- refers to if the property is available for booking:

1/1 - stands for that has availability

0/0 - stands that there is now availability

8. Enable - open or closed for bookings.

N - stands for closed for booking

y - stands for it is open for booking

You can set up the date from/to, sale disable/enable and sale stock is 1. One stands one property. 

9. Advance - if stands for if you want have a price but it applies only if the reservation is made in a certain period (date from/date to) and price for one person.

Here you can set it up:


9. Single - refers of you have a hostel or you are renting rooms with beds and this price refers for BED!. This appy for portals like Booking.com, Agoda, Expedia, Hostelworld..

You can add the price in advance:

10. Add new reservation - here you can add new reservation. Just go over the calendar, choose dates and click on ADD NEW RESERVATION. This is just one way of creating a reservation. In myRent you can do same things in teh different ways.

11- Price standard - stands that the price showed in the price calendar is standard pricing.

Extra price - here you can add price for extra person.

Choose date, price and from. 


Check in/out - here you add the days you want check in/out

In caladar when green dots are it means that check in is allowed. Red dots stands that the check in is not allowed.

Price definition per day - it shows you on the specific day the price specification. Specification stands for all extra, ADVACE, STOCK, ENABLE, MIN STAY  ETC..

If you have group price here it will swowed.

1. Price year statistic - shows you the statistic

2 Price settings - 

3. Clone or copy price

Chose property, years and click on copy price!

4. Generate neto price - you can create a neto price 

When you click on prices-Neto prices - it will be then showed: