Connection is "content" base, which means you must add all data in myRent to push it to the e-domizil to create a listing. For more information how to connect to e-domizil please visit or e-domizil - connection requirement document.


Minimum number of object to be connected directly to e-domizil/Atraveo/TUI villas is 12! 


Since 2020 e-domizil is part of Wolters Risen GmbH (Atraveo/TUI Villas). If you have a contract with Atraveo but not with e-domizil, not to worry, from 11th of Januray 2021 your TUI Villas/Atraveo will merged with e-domizil.


Your properties will be presented on e-domizil (all domains) on and in our partner network. Tui Villas will follow in the next months.

e-domizil works on 15% commission based. They will send you an invoice for their commission for every booking one day after the check in date. 


e-domizil handles the encashment for you, the client pays us the deposit and the final payment (20% prepayment and 80% final payment 6 weeks before check-in). If the booking is made less than 6 weeks prior to arrival, payment of 100% of the booking price. e-domizil will transfer you the travel rate less our commission 3 days after the guests arrive (This applies only for new partners; all the old ones will be paid out 7 days before check in) Last minute reservations: transfer of the travel rate will be made directly after receipt of guests’ payment.


e-domizil excepts: Villa, house, apartments, and studio. Rooms are NOT accepted.



All data is done through myRent.  With the reservation you will receive an email with all guest details: name and surname, email, and phone number. If you accept the reservations, you need to reply to email and manually add the reservation in myRent. 


For more details about e-domizil at the end of page you will find FAQ document: Working with e-domizil via myRent


Through their cooperation you as well get listed on our company websites in Switzerland, Poland, Spain etc. (www.e-domizil.ch , And very important, your properties will be listed on all our partnership websites, that means more than 4,000 online sales partners (e.g. Jahn Reisen, HolidayCheck, very popular in Germany).


Connection person for e-domizil: Milena Kuhn:;


If you agree with their terms and conditions, then send a mail to Laura. Please fill out e-domizil required documents: (at the end of the page you will them)

              - Agency information document

              - Standard Terms & Conditions in English and German

              - Contract


Once administration is finished, Laura will send you your e-domizil ID CODE.  

This code you need to add it in your myRent account under B2B CONNECTIONS-E-DOMIZIL


Once ID was added Davor will connect your properties and send all data to Laura in myRent.

Your contact in myRent for OTA's connection is:

Ma(FH) Davor Palčec -, +385 91 116 5422 +43 699 172 41 686 (WhatsApp)