To add ROOMS please got to property-general and fill out fallowing fields:

Then go to property - rooms:


Under rooms you add ONLY: LIVINGROOM, BATHROOM AND SLEEPING ROOM. Everything else like toilete you add under amenities!

I living room and sleeping room under BEDS you need to add what kind of beds you have. If you have in living room sofa, you have to add it.


You have to add BEDS and total amount of bed MUST correspond to the total number of people!

Example, if you have 2+2, then you have to add 1 bed (double, king or 2 single) + sofa

When you added a new room you can add room DETAILS.

In bathroom you under ITEM, you need to add what amenities you have:

When clicking on EDIT it will pop up a new window where you can quickly add room description, amenities etc


Private bathroom in bedroom (EN-SUITE) it will not calculate is as the complete number of bathrooms in a property. If the property has 2 bathrooms (one is EN-SUITE and one is separate), you need to add 2 bathrooms!!!

*TIPP: If you have the same property with the same rooms, you can just click on COPY ROOM TO and it will copy data to the property which you decided to copy to.