When you are added a new property in your myRent account, make sure that all data (prices, general,location,property, rooms, pictures, description, distance and amenities) are added. All data is mandatory as listing will not be visible/live on OTA's (online booking portals) like Booking.com, e-domizil, VRBO, Airbnb etc if some data is missing.

*IMPORTANT - once you add the complete data in myRent it will count for all OTA's (Booking, VRBO Expedia, e-domizil, AGODA ....) or your WEB site. It is on time job and we in myRent highly advise you to take some time add and all data! Once you add it then you just connect to different B2B.

Click on the each part of the property details to fill it out. Once you fill it out it will give you a green sign when it is added.

When all data has been added, the total percentage MUST be 100%! If it is not then the percentage will be lower.

*TIP - more data you add in your myRent account better profile on OTA's will be created. OTA's "love" good data, like pictures, description with multi language, complete amenities etc...

In the next Property details folder you will find exact explanation how to add certain data.

If you have any questions please contact myRent team for support.