Description is the third most important details together with amenities.

Nowadays good adverb, needs to be presented in a several languages.

More languages, more visitors you attract and your position on the portals are changing upwards.

To add new description please go to object details in myRent.


It will open a new page with your property details:

The main language and first description is ALWAYS English. From it, it will be translated to all different languages.


  1.     1. Description should be normal text. With out any special signs like: %&$#, no bullets 

    2. Description has to have minimum 500 words and maximum 1000 words.

To add new languages click on "add new description"

It will automatically translate the description when clicking on desired language

*IMPORTANT, if you add new text to existing text or delete existing text and insert new text. To translate the text into all languages click on "translate to all languages" and the translation will be made to all previous selected languages.

Clone to other - by clicking on it will allow you to select specific description and copy it to desired properties. It will be a great help with the descriptions like : ARRIVAL GUEST, HOUSE RULES, CANCELLATION, which usually apply for the all properties. In that way you can safe time.

When clicking on "Clone to other" it will pop up a new window:

1. Select all/deselect all:

2. Choose description: you can choose which text you want to copy/clone to other properties.

3. Manual adding properties: if you don't want to select all properties at once, you can choose it manual. To do it you need to hold on keyboard SHIFT or CTRL and then LEFT side of mouse.