Text writing

Appealing texts are read with pleasure!

Besides nice pictures the advertisement should include attractive texts. The combination of both this more guests in your vacation accommodation. An appealing text with complete sentences and pictorial words is read like an exciting history. We summarized our guidelines and recommendable tips and tricks to let you know what kind of texts people visiting your advertisement like to read and provide you more guests.

1. The title

1. The Title

The title of an advertisement only consists of the name of the vacation accommodation. Information concerning persons, prices, stars, or rooms is not allowed.

Examples: „Vacation apartment Johnson “, „Villa Maria “, „Vacation house sunrise“ 


2. The short description 

The short description should tempt the visitor to view

every detail of your listing. You should therefore point out specialties in this text setting your property apart from competitors. Do not include information concerning persons, rooms, prices, enumerations, or repetition of the title.


2. The short description

Just describe your vacation accommodation in the property’s description. It is ideal to mention the town and region where your property is in the text.

Please also mind using words like vacation apartment or vacation house instead of „apt.“or „house“ as potential guests use such words when looking for vacation properties via search engines and are linked directly to your listing.


Advice: Do not use terms like „vacation apartment „too often to be listed in an alleged better position in search engines. If certain words are used too often this can affect the contrary.


4. The description of the surroundings

The description of the surroundings should only describe the surrounding area and show the potential guest what waits for him during his stay. As well as in the description of the property it would be ideal to mention the name of the town and region your property is located in.


5. Further recommendations

The following list refers to all above mentioned text description and offers further guidelines and recommendations. 

They help you optimizing your texts to be positively evaluated by people visiting your listing and by search engines.

  • Full sentences:
    1. Write full sentences and avoid enumerations.
  • Capital letters:
    1. Words should not be written in CAPITAL LETTERS – except trademarked names.
  • Spaces:
    1. Use only as many spaces as necessary. Use spaces only between two words, numbers and after punctuation marks.
  • Abbreviations:
    1. Avoid abbreviations, better write out words.
  • Length of the text:
    1. Mind that your texts comply with the minimum/maximum number of characters. Further details are given in the category „Descriptions „in your personal owner’s area.
  • Special character:
    1. Avoid special character as for example when stating the stars (category), that are often presented as follows: „*****“. Better name them and write „Five stars “.
  • Separation lines and hyphen:
    1. Do not draw a separation line in your text and do not use hyphen to highlight a word.
  • Url:
    1. Please do not write any URLs in your texts but use the box „Website „in the category. „Contact “.
  • Email address:
    1. Please do not write any email address in your texts but use the box „E-Mail „in the category „Contact “.
  • Double content:
    1. The content of the descriptions should not be mentioned repeatedly.
  • Copied texts:
    1. Do not use the same texts as in other advertisements or in your private homepage. Try to express the sentences a bit different as identical text has a negative influence on search engines.
  • Only one single accommodation:
    1. For a better understanding and search engine exposure per advertisement only one accommodation may be described. 


6. Questions and suggestions

If you have any further questions or suggestions, we are looking forward to hearing from you.


Your myRent team