This article will explain how to set up properties for web or  WordPress (API) connection

1. First add to property B2B connection for web page

API connections

Before you start, please get from myRent (

user_id, API key, 

demo account

user_id: 1

api_key: f4e08415-c6e7-11e5-b7cf-0050563c3009 

Always send api_key in a header as Authorization key.

Get all properties



{user_id} => id of the user from myrent

Get property details


{object_id} => ID of property in myRent

Description of return json

  • general => general details of property, like name, type...
  • realstate => description of property like home many rooms, size of property, max people
  • pictures => list of pictures (Main picture is in general)
  • web_description => list of additional items like amenities but it can be customized from user
  • description => all long descriptions for this property for all languages
  • prices => all prices for property
  • amenities => list of amenities
  • facilities => list of facilities
  • distances => list of distances
  • rooms => room definition
  • reviews => list of reviews
  • objects_cancellations => define cancelation policy
  • payment_terms => definitions of payments
  • items => definition of extra items


Get all prices for the period

This call will return all active prices for this property


Get prices for the period


{date_from} => date in ISO format like 2020-01-01

{date_until} => date in ISO format like 2020-12-31


Price calculation


{date_from} => date in ISO format like 2020-01-01

{date_until} => date in ISO format like 2020-12-31

{item_id} => -1 (use -1 => this is default price list, if you have more prices for one property call myRent support)

{adults} => number of adults

{children} => number of children

{pets} => number of pets

Description of return json

  • sum => all sum fields in one place (like price, or is it available )
  • days => list of days with a price
  • general => general details (like name of property, check in, etc)
  • extra => extra fees (this are fixed fees)
  • items => list of all available additional items
  • amenities => list of chargeable amenities
  • items_auto => list of items that will automatically be added with a reservation (define by user)