Since HomeToGo collect all the properties from many sites (, VRBO, Expedia etc), clients often ask what is the purpose connecting with Holidu since they are probably already listed with you guys? 

Benefits of listing directly on HomeToGo vs through an OTA such as Vrbo or Airbnb:

1. Visibility boost: direct partners' offers get more exposure in HomeToGo search results

2. Incremental bookings: direct partners capture on average 50% more bookings then when their offers are listed through an OTA.

3. Revenue sources diversification: using a strong additional booking channels decrease dependency to traditional OTAs.

4.Branding effect: guests are made aware of the property managers' brand

5. Fast payout: the current HomeToGo setup allows for immediate payout upon booking 

6. Flexible cancellation policies: the current HomeToGo setup allows property managers to use their own cancellation policies

7. Direct guest communication: the current HomeToGo setup allows property managers to communicate directly with their guests and don't require the use of any extra interface

8. Quality control: direct partners enjoy more detailed and thorough quality checks as well as integration process to ensure high standards of price and availability accuracy