Holidu key account manager for myRent, Francesco Vanni, explained us "Why to enroll with Holidu and what benefits it brings"?

Since Holidu collect all the properties from many sites (Booking.com, VRBO, Expedia etc), clients often ask what is the purpose connecting with Holidu since they are probably already listed with you guys? 

1. Better conditions: often partners might see their properties on Holidu via other channels like Booking.com or Expedia. We know that in most cases (if not all) we are more convenient compared to them. While we are asking a 15% of commission on the base price, Booking.com and Expedia might go up to 20-22%. Or even if it is 15%, we will not ask any additional costs to get in a good positions for the rankings, as they are based on the quality of the connection. On Booking.com if you want to appear on the first page, you usually have to pay something like a premium subscription. Nothing like that on Holidu. If you have good quality (photos, descriptions, amenities etc.), you will appear high in the rankings

2. Better conditions: we offer the figure of an account manager, that will take care of your properties and of the connection. We give a huge value to the relationship with our partners, and we will give tips and insights about the market movements in terms of preferences from guests, prices and trends.

3. Higher conversion rate: making it possible to get your properties booked on Holidu will increase the amount of bookings as the conversion rate of one click is higher if the user gets first redirected to another website.

4. Differentiation: It is always better to have different sources of bookings rather than depending on the same 1-3 sales channels. Once one of them changes conditions, you might get a strong negative impact

5. Visibility: not all other sales channels show the logo and name of the clients

6. Customer support: We offer a Customer Happiness team that helps you and customers

7. Price control: They have full control of their prices as we do not ask anything more to the guests

8. Why  not, It's free, just give it a try.