For AGODA  there are 4 descriptions which can be sync.

1. Main

2. Arrival guest

3. Area

4. House rules

All descriptions in myRent are to be fund under property details-Description.

In AGODA extranet you can find descriptions under: EDIT LISTINGS - DESCRIPTIONS

1. Main description

In AGODA extranet is called "Describe your place"

2. Arrival guest 

In AGODA is located under "When arriving, how can guest get to your property"

3. Area 


In AGODA is located under "Local recommendations"

4.  House Rules

In AGODA extra net you can find under " House rules"

* TIPP: if you use the same description, for en example "House rule" and it can be applied to all properties, you can use "Clone to other". With it one you added in one property you can clone it to all properties automatically.

Click on "clone to other" choose which properties you want to clone it, choose the desired description and click copy.