To be able to be LIVE on HomeToGo you have to add email template into HomeToGo connection.

For more information how to add email template please visit this link:

For more information how to add email timer please visit this link:

When you have added email template and email timers next step would be to add it into B2b connection under - HomeToGo.

Please find below steps:

1. Click on Settings - B2B - HomeToGo and press on homeToGo

2. After clicking it will open a new window and on the right side you will find a place for eMail template ID 

3. You can find this email template ID under: Settings-Mail settings:

4. After you clicked it will open a new window. On the right side click on English flag to open email templates you created to.

5. When you clicked on HomeToGo email template

For connection to be live on HomeToGo it is important that the email template is set up. With out it you will not be 


If you have any more question or you need help please send us an email: