Before you start with integration make sure that:

1. Prices needs to be added for 12 months in advance

2. Amenities are added

3. Description is added

4. Title is added

5. Pictures are added

*if you are already live on VRBO, HomeToGo, Agoda, Holidu all you need to do is connect in B2B listings with e-domizil. Please look at nb. 10 below

Here are the steps for fulfilling complete content in myRent:

1. Set Geo location

2. Write description of your object. Keep in mind that it needs to have minimum 700 signs. Title of description should have minimum 25 signs.

3. Add amenities - click on each object in myRent to add amenities. 

4. Add all amenities you have. Amenities which are strictly connected with e-domizil are assigned with their logo (like on the example)

7. Add pictures

8. Bedroom and bathroom details are very important. You should add name and short description. 


5. Add general terms

10. Add connection with e-domizil. 

6. On details set the percentage of price increase on a e-domizil. e-domizil is working on 15% commission rate. If you have added netto prices in myRent, then you have to add percentage.

Step 1:

Step 2: Add percentage

7. Add an e-domizil ID into your account:

*ID will be giving to you when you sent e-domizil (Laura) mail with the request for connection together with the link of prices, availability and objects.

Click on Settings-B2B

Click on e-domizil:

13. To make sure that all data is correctly added, please find a check list under:

Settings - Registry - Channel manager-Channel manager - Object status

8. Object status

Clicking on object status you will have list of properties which are connected to e-domizil (not to be worried, the same list is valid for other OTA's - HomeAway/VRBO, HomeToGo, Agoda, Holidu...) This is just for you to check if all data is good. All fields must be green and filled with data. 


*for clients who accept credit card, please contact Davor Palčec on in order to give you an access to the credit card details. As per PCI COMPLIANCE you need to sign an extra document to accept term and usage of the data.

9. Sending data to e-domizil

Once you checked that all data is correct. You added via B2B all properties to e-domizil, added e-domizil ID (provided by Laura), last step it would be to send 3 links to Laura so that they can retrieve the data from your myRent profile.

By clicking on Objects, Prices and Availability it will open a new window and please just copy each link and send it to Laura in email. She needs those links. Through those links e-domizil will retrieve all your data from myRnt account.

Please find an example for OBJECTS:

Please find an example for PRICES:

Please find an example for AVAILIBILITY:

Please find in the attachment How to work with e-domizil via myRent-FAQ - information document from Laura Penasa.

e-domizil and myRent team wishes you a lot of bookings!

Your myRent team