Set up additional charges for each and every of your vacation rentals. With this setting, you can assign items that will add to or subtract from reservation total price of a vacation rental. This is a local solution which in terms means that it's bound to a property and needs to be set up for each property separately.

Use case scenarios: 

1. Sojourn Tax - As sojourn tax is taxing you per guest per day, that amount can build up if you are not basing your nightly fee on the number of guests you're receiving. With sojourn tax added as an item (additional charge), you can bill this fee separately from your nightly fee calculation. Also, this is an item that when set up is always billed and mandatory for your guests.

2. Pets fee - A fee for receiving pets along with your guest party is something that not all rental owners require, and also isn't something that you want to always bill as such. As an optional item, this charge can be set up and left to the guests to choose if they are willing to pay for it.

3. Limited time discount - Flash sale or a planned discount? It doesn't matter if you are in dire need to lower the prices of your vacation rentals in any given period but without going through the price list and lowering them one by one. Discounting prices through items is also possible, it can be limited to a period and subtracted by a set amount or pecentage.

1. Navigate to the property items window

Main Nav (left side) > Properties (pick a property) > Object Details > Prices (top nav) > Items

2. Familiarize yourself with the items window 

3. Add an item

Click the Add new item button to add an item to your list, upon clicking it a new row in the list will appear and be ready for setup. Click EDIT on the far left side of the row to edit your new item.

4. Item setup

Setting up your items depends on their use if they are a charge or a discount and on how many constraints are needed to describe the item. For instance, a charge will be indexed as a supplement to a guest's stay charge, and a discount indexed as a discount on a stay charge. Pets fee will use a basic item setup with as minimal constraints as possible while Sojourn tax will need more constraints as it applies per guest per night and is set as mandatory.

4.1. Basic Item setup

For a most basic item set up there are a few requirements that need to be filled:

Charge type - By setting up the charge type you separate your charges from discounts and vice versa, the main purpose is to help yourself and your workers in distinguishing these two at a quick glance.


Item - As items are required by booking portals such as and Airbnb we are required to index them and this is the purpose of this field.

Price - Set up your price multiplier either as a percentage (10%) or a fixed amount (10€) and if you're discounting the price use negative numbers (-10€, -10%).

Name - This is the name that will be used in MyRent as the item name, used the index name, or use a translation of it, it doesn't matter as much as you know what it represents.  

Calculation type - A basic constraint that decides all of the times an item will be charged, per booking, per guest or per night, and combinations of those.

Mandatory - If an item is always charged and guests have no say in this, set mandatory and auto addable options to Yes, otherwise if the guests decide on the payment of an item set these options to No.

Checkboxes - For a basic setup leave them unchecked, more on each checkbox in the Advanced setup section.