With WEB template you can have easy your web site. WEB site is owned by myRent d.o.o. and you pay monthly fee for using it.

Design of the WEB template is pre-designed and it will be created when content in your myRent account is added. WEB template allows you to see direct your properties on line with out expensive OTA's. In WEB template you can add reviews, Blogs and as well SEO (which is important for google search). If you are using google ads you can easily adversative better your WEB website.

As well, the complete the service you can add direct payment to your WEB template by booking an service of WSPAY. WSPAY will allow you to charge credit card or allow guests to book direct your properties.

More about WSPAY you can find here:



WEB template is an additional service of myRent and it is not included in price. For WEB template to be fully functional myRent needs to "connect" our properties with WEB template.

As well you need to decide which WED domain you want to have (the web address, example: www. hotelparkhvar.com). Once you decided myRent needs to see if it available. After the domain has been booked then myRent team will give an information how mush the portal costs will be.

Yearly you have costs of:

1. WEB domain

2. SSL certificat

3. Hosting (server

Monthly costs of using WEB template: depends in the size of your myRent account (how many properties you will have) and 2% brutto of the reservation.

For more informations and toptal price of WEB template please contact:

Mario Kovačević - +385 97 612 8621, mario@my-rents.com

Davor Palcec - +385 91 116 5422, davor@myrent.hr