There are two steps which you need to do:

1. First step is to connect your AirBNB account with myRent account.

2. Second step is to connect each AirBNB listing with myRent listing (so called mapping)


This type of connection is two way connection which sync prices,calendar and reservations and it is used only if you have already live listing on AirBNB.

1. Connecting AirBNB account with myRent account

First you need to go B2B connections which you will find it in Main settings - Channel manager-B2B

IMPORTANT: Before you click on connect me to an AirBNB make sure that you are still log in into AirBNB account:

Once you click it it will redirect you to your AirBNB account where you need to Agree to the Airbnb additional Terms of Service:

Once you get OK response Ok you can just close the window.

To see if the connection in airbnb account is open you need to your Airbnb account and go into Account settings. you have to keep in open during the connection.

It looks like this:

With this the step nb. 1 is completed. Now we need to connect each listing in AirBNB with myRent.

2. Connecting AirBNB listings with myRent properties.



Make sure when you are mapping listing that you mapp correct listing between AirBNB and myRent.

Next step to log into your myRent account and go to the property details - B2B connections and click on +

It will open a new window and search for Airbnb:

Choose Airbnb, add percentage and click on ADD:

It will appear in B2B connections:

Next step is to click on "ON" and on "DETAILS" and it will open a new window.

I will open a new window:

Once you click it you wee see the connection open in myRent under Main Settings - channel manager-B2B-Airbn

Once your Airbnb account is connected with myRent the next step is to connect each listings in myRent with listings in airbnb.

To do so you need to be into the right property which you want to connect and click on Get all Airbnb listings 

It will open a new window and make sure that you connect correct listings in myRent with Airbnb one:

Next step is click on property details ON and click on Sync prices & availability to sync data:

Once you click on Sync Prices & availability please check log in to see the response. The log in you will find in Main settings - Channel manager - B2B - Airbnb:

If you have more listings to connect you need to just repeat the part when you are connecting each listings in myRent with AirBNB listings:


make sure that you are in the correct property when mapping each listing: