Connection with VRBO a content form. It means that in your property has to all content data (prices, photos, descriptions, amenities, distance, rooms, payment methods, terms and conditions, privacy policy).

HomeAway is now VRBO and the brand HomeAway does not exits any more. They have local brands as Fewo-direkt etc..

Main Account manager for myRent users:

Inga Penkina:

Manager for implementations and technical issues:

Davide Montanari:

but, each client should have it's own regional manager. 

For signing up for connection with VRBO you need to click on fallowing links:


• Fewo-Direkt

IMPORTANT: if you have already account on VRBO or Fewo please choose an appropriate link!


UK: +44 203 514 5512/+44 208 827 1971 |

DE: +49 69 2573 78892 |

US: 1-877-239-2592 |

Mail for general support:

As you are using channel manager, rules are changing concerning payment. If you were using VRBO before you may know that VRBO was taking all payments. Now after you are using channel manger, you are in charge of payment.  Commission fee is between 12-15%. The commission depends on the location of listings.


At the end of the month, Vrbo will issue an invoice for all the stays that happened in that month in order to charge your commission fee for your listings on pay per booking.

You can reach VRBO B2B admin area by clicking on Registry-settings-B2B-HomeAway