In MyRent you can set limit by which each worker can see limited number of objects in his MYRent account. For example, you have 5 objects. Let's call them apartment 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. You have 3 workers. You want worker A to see apartments 1 and 2 in his MyRent account, worker B to see apartment 4 and 5 and worker C to see them all. There is a way to do it.


1. Go to to your "Workers" tab in upper right corner.

2. Choose a worker whom you want to set a limit. Be careful that you login as that worker first. You can do that by choosing Worker on your left side and then pressing myRent | Login on the right side.

3. Then press OBJ under Worker whom you want to set limit.

4.  Once you have done it, you will get screen below and then just choose objects you want that Worker to see in his MyRent account and press Save all.