Import your Excel price list worksheet into MyRent Channel & Property manager with ease!

Daily or seasonal pricing it doesn't matter, just make sure your sheet follows the default structure displayed below. Import function can handle import from any worksheet software, but as it is the most popular and most requested one we will keep this tutorial focused on Excel. 

STEP 1 - Get there

Navigate to an objects price list within your MyRent account. There are multiple ways on how you do this and if already have created you object within MyRent easiest way to get there is Dashboard > List of objects > Prices. Once you have accessed your price list, the import option should be available in the top right corner of the price list calendar window.

Make sure that all of the cells that you wish to import prices to inside your price list calendar already contain a price, as this function only alters an existing value!

STEP 2 - Download the example

Click on the "IMPORT" button will prompt you with an import window, for first time use we advise downloading our example worksheet as it contains examples of daily and seasonal pricing tables and also instructions on how to format your pricelist.

STEP 3 - Open the example

After clicking on "EXAMPLE" button the example worksheet should start downloading onto you device (depending on your device and/or browser there could be a few more steps towards confirming the download). Upon finishing the file download, open the example worksheet in Excel.

STEP 4 - Follow the rules

As can be seen in the image below, all the most important rules and instruction are listed within the worksheet. Please check the list of abbreviations and instruction below that. 

FROM - First day of the period, included into the price list (FORMAT: YYYY-MM-DD)

UNTIL - Last day of the period, also included into the price list (FORMAT: YYYY-MM-DD)

DAY - Date of the day that the price list is being imported for (FORMAT: YYYY-MM-DD)

PRICE - Set price amount for that period or date, currency depends on the users settings

MIN. STAY - Minimal amount of days needed for the rent to be confirmed/approved by the system  (FORMAT: NUMBER OF DAYS) (DEFAULT: 1)

ART- Advance Reservation Time, minimal amount of hours needed to rent an object before the midnight (00:00:00h) of the reservation day  (FORMAT: NUMBER OF HOURS) (DEFAULT: 0)

IN - Enable check-in on the date (FORMAT: Y/N) (DEFAULT: Y)

OUT - Enable check-out on the date (FORMAT: Y/N) (DEFAULT: Y)

ENABLE - Enable/Block the date for reservation (FORMAT: Y/N) (DEFAULT: Y)

PRICE EXTRA - Price for every additional guest from the value of "Extra From" (DEFAULT: 0)

EXTRA FROM - Amount of guests that is required for "Price Extra" to take effect (DEFAULT: 0) 

STOCK - Meant for room renting, enables you to sell an object multiple times (e.g. hotel room). For anything else then rooms, default value is 1. ( If you wish to change this value please consult with our support team first as changing this can result in overbooking! ) (DEFAULT: 1)

Do not copy the title row (1st row) from the table!

Copy only columns filled with data, A-H for the seasonal /  A-J for the daily pricelist!

Do not change the column order!

STEP 5 - Copy & Paste

Upon completion of your price list setup, the rest is easy! All you need to do is copy (Ctrl+C / Cmd+C) the cells you wish to import from your Excel Worksheet and paste (Ctrl+P / Cmd+P) them into MyRent price list import window.

STEP 6 - Confirm

With our price list data pasted into the MyRent price list import window, all that's left to do is confirm the import and do our due diligence to check the imported values. While we provide you with tools needed to manage your vacation rentals we are not responsible for mistakes that are made within the usage of those tools. Please check your values closely before import!