Settings – location – choose an object where you want to add supplement/discount/special offer – prices - items

CHARGE TYPE – choose supplement or discount dependig for what you want to make an item

CODE – there you can write short code for easier recognition

NAME – full name of supplement/discount

DISCOUNT TYPE – choose one of offered types of your supplement/discount (for

DISCOUNT TYPE – for whom the reservation was made

AGE FROM - AGE UNTIL – range of years in which supplement/discount applies to guests

GUEST FROM - GUEST UNTIL – number of guests

DAY FROM – DAY UNTIL – how long the reservation is

ADULTS FROM – ADULTS UNTIL – number of adults included in supplement/discount

FROM – TO – period in which discount is valid

MADE FROM – MADE TO – the first and the last day until which the discount is valid

PRICE – price of supplement/discount

VAT – the amount of tax you will have to pay on that supplement/discount

PRECENT – percentage of basic price increase or reduction

CALCULATION TYPE – will that supplement/discount be calculated by night, by booking, by person, by person and night?

TYPE – is that supplement/discount your earn or cost?

MIN STAY –  supplement/discount  is valid only if guest stays for a minimum of days

LAST MINUTE UNITE – is that last minute discount valid in days or in hours

LAST MIN – number of day or hours worth the last minute discount

MANDATORY – press „yes“ only if you manually want to add your supplement/discount

AUTO ADD – press „yes“ if you want that your supplement/discount is automatically added to the invoice

AMOUNT – this option is valid if the discount is worth for the amount of something (amount of pets, amount of baby cots..)

ON REQUEST – supplement/discount valid only on request

PAY ON SPOT – price of supplement will be calculated on the spot

NOTE – there you can write longer description of supplement/discount


SPECIAL OFFER – special offer valiable only in special period 

NO CREDIT CARD – no card payment option

VISIBLE ON ALL UNITS – supplement/discount will valid for all units in that object

NONREFUNDABLE – no refund on payed reservation



COPY TO ALL – copying to all unites within the object