Email mask is used because myRent  has its own email server, and any email going from myRent will be sent from our server.

Because of that when you send confirmations or templates it will appear as sent from

To avoid reservation holders replying to that mail and us receiving the email instead of you, we have programmed a mask that you can set up so if they reply it comes to your email.

To do so, you need to have your mailbox settings which includes:

  • Username ( email )
  • Password
  • Outgoing port
  • Outgoing domain

To apply the settings we need to navigate to Settings-->Registars-->Mail settings

After inserting those settings you need to check the Active checkbox in the top right corner of the Mail Settings module.



For some mail providers, such as GMAIL, this service of masking the email counts as a login to your email.

To set up GMAIL email mask you need to go to your Google account settings and enable Less secure apps. (3rd Party apps login)

After enabling that and verifying settings shown above, send a couple of emails and monitor your GMAIL inbox for a new email - 3rd Party Login Activity,

It asks you if you recognize the activity, and once you say you do, and the login was marked as trusted, your email mask will work.