To enable fiscalization service you need to contact Fina and get your;    

  • Reference number
  • Authorization number
  • Link for downloading the certificate

When you enter the fiscalization details on the link, it will ask you to create a password for your certificate, save it.

The system will now allow you to download the certificate.

Navigate to myRent: Settings-->B2B-->Fiscalization


  • Certifikat - Click and upload the certificate
  • Lozinka - Insert the certificate password
  • Link do servera - Click Produkcijski server 
  • Kod lokacije - Code of location ( your accountant should have the information about code of the location )
  • Naziv lokacije - Name of the location
  • Naziv ulice - Address
  • Kućni broj - Address number
  • Poštanski broj - Zip code
  • Naziv grada - City name
  • Radno vrijeme - Working hours

After filling in those details you can click the checkbox Ready for fiscalization and click Spremi promjene ( Save ). 

After that click the green button Prijavi prostor ( Register the agency )