To connect eVisitor to myRent we will to the following:

1. Step


Add all OiB ( Personal identification numbers which serves as login to eVisitor site )

When added username and password ( OiB and password ) click on production link so the link1 and link2 are filled with server info, and click save.

2. Step

Settings-->Properties--> On every property you want to use eVisitor on, in object details you have to select the OiB which corresponds to his eVisitor account.

3. Step

 Log in into eVisitor of that property, find the tab "Objekti" or objects and search for the object ID that eVisitor gave that object, and copy it into myRent next to eVisitor ID (OiB-Username).

4. Step

Select auto check in, so when registering guests via mobile app, they enter the system as verified and myRent scans multiple times a day for those guests who have check in on current date and tries to check them in.


And you're ready to check in guests within reservations!

Click Add guest(s) and add the info: