To create an owner navigate to:


Click the Add new button and fill the following details:


  • Name: Name of the owner
  • Address: Address of the owner
  • Zip: Zip code of the city 
  • City: Name of the city 
  • Country: Name of the country
  • Telephone: Owners main contact phone
  • E-mail: Owners main e-mail contact
  • Iban: Owners bank account
  • OiB: Owners Personal ID
  • Owner Vat: If owner is within tax calculation set the VAT percentage
  • Default rent status: Default status of reservations that owner creates
  • Language: Language of the owner portal
  • Owners portal link: Link to the portal where owner can see their calendar for properties that you manage for him (right link is a super simple version excellent for mobile users)

Settings checkboxes:

  •     Enable owners portal - Enabling the portal for owners
  •     Send email - new reservation - If checked - On ; system will notify the owner on the owner contact email field with the information about new reservation (plain is design-less text only notification)
  •     Owner can create new rents - Setting which allows or forbids owner to create rents ( so they don't need to call the agency and update them with a new rent, he can just enter it in the portal)
  •     Owner can see price - Setting which enables the owner to see the prices of the reservations within his owner portal
  •     Add guests - A function that allows or forbid owner to add guests to the reservation